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  • If you’all live up here where do you stay when you have guests?

    We have a cabin 20 minutes south of Mammoth Lakes, near Tom’s Place, where we live on the weekends.

  • If we have a problem who do we call?

  • Can we bring pets?

  • Will the townhome be cleaned during our stay?

    We don’t clean the townhome during stays of less than five days. We clean the townhome extensively between all guest visits and common cleaning supplies are available for guest use.


    For stays of more than five days a cleaning day can be arranged for an extra cleaning fee.


    For stays of more than ten days an additional cleaning day during the stay will be required. For example if you would like to stay for two weeks we would need to get into the townhome to clean it during the stay, preferably around day seven, and we’d also need to clean it when you leave. Two cleaning fees will apply.


  • Can we use the garage?

    Please do!  It's small and best used for bikes, skis, boats and other gear. If your car fits, feel free to park it inside. Dimensions: 88W x 80H x 204L


  • Where do we park?

    There is one spot in the garage for a small car (88W x 80H x 204L) and one spot in the driveway that is for this townhome only. The lot one door to the North has parking for four cars and the lot fifty yards to the south has many parking spots. Bringing one car and planning to park it in the driveway is best.


    If snow has to be removed during your stay, you got lucky! and you’ll have to move your car so the driveway can be plowed.

  • Can guests have access to locked cabinets?

    Nope. Those cabinets have our boring stuff in them, mostly clothes and cleaning supplies, and aren’t available to guests.

  • I’ve scrambled one of the Rubix Cube type puzzles and can’t solve it what do I do?

    There is a $50 fee for every puzzle I have to…. Just kidding! Leave unsolved and we’ll fix when you leave.

  • Can we use the unicycles?

    I don’t know, can you? Sure, go ahead but wear a helmet & sign the waiver.


  • Where did you get the crystals and fossils, are they valuable?

    The previous owners bought them at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show. They’re valuable to us and we have a detailed inventory what’s where and the condition its in. They’re heavy, fragile and pretty much unfungible. Please enjoy them with your eyes.

  • What’s the altitude at 1006 Fairway Circle?

    7927ft. Some folks feel it, some don’t. Stay hydrated, get to bed early and you’ll acclimatize fine. Again, 911 if you need it!

  • Where do we shop for food?

    Vons, near the corner of Old Mammoth Rd. and Meridian is Mammoth Lakes only supermarket. It has everything any other Vons/Safeway has. It can also be incredibly crowded on weekends and holidays.


    The alternatives include : The Vons in Bishop on your way up, Sundance Health Food (near Rite-Aid and the corner of Old Mammoth Rd. and Main St), Rite Aid and  Bleu Gourmet Market on Old Mammoth Rd.

  • How do we get to the mountain?

    BY CAR: Drive out of Snowcreek 5. At the stop sign on the corner of Old Mammoth Rd. continue straight, across the Old Mammoth Rd. and you’ll be on Mineret road. Going straight on Mineret for approx. 6 miles, through two stops lights, will get you to Main Lodge, the location of the panorama gondola and some of the nation’s finest skiing.

    BY BUS: See next FAQ

  • Is there bus service?

    Mammoth Lakes has great public transportation. In the winter the Redline stop #3 just West of the entrance to Snowcreek V on Old Mammoth Rd. and will take you through town, to the village then all the way to Main Lodge in the Winter. In the Summer the Town Trolly takes the same route but turns around at the village with out continuing on to Main Lodge.

  • Do we need four wheel or all wheel drive in the winter?

    Probably not, but you will need chains. The roads department can require chains on your vehicle even if you don’t think you’ll need them. CHP, County Sheriff and MLPD can and will fine you for ignoring chain restrictions. Our roads get plowed very quickly and are often dry in the winter. During storms and sometimes for days after the roads will have snow and ice on them. Four wheel drive or All Wheel Drive with snow tires is best for this condition, but chains are usually fine and improve breaking (which four wheel drive won’t). Driving

  • why is your property so clean?

  • Not only do you save bookings fees but booking direct allows us more flexibility to accommodate your trip dates and make changes.


    • Deal directly with the owner
    • Obtain the best price for your stay
    • Secure payments and payment options
    • Never pay a booking or "service" fee
    • Get information and advice from the owner, not a call center














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